Livin' Legend

C Murder

[Featuring Master P]

Master P:

Yo C

I'd like to mourn the dead (Kevin Miller)

And acknowledge the livin'

Know like they say

You can tell a nigga

How you feel when they here

This is for all those livin stars out there

The ghetto legends (real niggas)

Niggas thats really doin the hustlin on the corner

(love these thug niggas ya heard me)

Know what I'm sayin makin it happen

Niggas in the rap game changin their lives

Silkk, C-Murder, Master P (haha)

And all the other real mutherfukin ballers out there (freedom)

Motherfukin rookies to the veterans

This is all the real niggas makin it happen

Bitch check it, ya heard me


Nigga back in the day i used to dream about fortune and fame

Jump in the game and you expect my life to change

I looked up to all the ghetto superstars

Shit, I used to trip when they call a female a bitch

I'm just another lost soul in the world

Destination unknown, Tryin to make it home

And Three strikes, a nigga gone

All alone in the muthafukin end zone

On the football field with my head down

I can't see but I'm tryin to make a touchdown

Damn, will I ever see the other side

I'm this close from doin another drive by

Now I don't really want to make another mother cry

But these niggas, they playin with my fukin pride

Now why, they wanna put me in this gangsta shita

Cause all I wanna do is sell a million discs


Wha wha, I wanna be a livin' legend

Will they let me, I wanna be a livin' legend

Will they sweat me, get paid like the president

Now put my name in the hall of fame


Master P:

Say my name

What bitches screamin fo