Don't Wanna Be Alone

C Murder


Baby, you can't listen to all that

he say she say stuff going on out there right there you know

I can't explain why they mad at us

Why they don't wanna see me and you happy

You know but uh

You my girl, you my world, you know

We gotta stick together through thick and thin

Don't none of us need to be alone right now baby, you know

As a kid I used to dream of us being together

But as we grew, it broke my heart when you went with another

It didn't last, cause he smashed, didn't wanna love you like me

Just lookin' at your picture, I knew I had to be with ya

And tryin' times wishin' you were mine, many years no play

But up and down relationships would release you comin' my way

Didn't have no money, but I was funny with big dreams of the future

Never competed, always completed and there when you needed

Broken hearted and lonely, you were there like my homie

No time for dates with them bustas because you knew they were phony

All the years that I waited, I guess they all paid off

Cause now you call me your baby, and uh I call you my ladie


Be alone, be alone

I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone

I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone

I don't wanna be alone, I don't wanna be alone


Many haters tried to play us when I made to the top

Tryin' to crush our dreams but it didn't seem to stop

It's like they didn't agree with the happiness we shared

You confused, 'bout to lose all the times we had

Are we victims of a jealous crime or lost in time

No need for livin' unless you given' me the love that's mine

Damn near fightin' in clubs, females testin' your patience

Talkin' marriage and livin' lavish but still pushin' engagement

Up and down, tug-of-war between me and your freedom

No time for shows or who oppose because we really don't need 'em

Conversations of you lea