Suge And Pac, Puff And Big

Big Tymers

featuring Hot Boys


Me the B.G. and Baby my fuckin runner

Two livin legends, paper chasers from uptown

About money and bitches, puttin haters in ditches

We roll in trucks like Hummers and expiditions

Our relationship like Moses and Jesus

Ask one of our hoes, ain't no coming between us

Two black young heathens, that's how they treat us

Steaks and Fettucini is what they feed us

Nigga ridin shinin, me and my nigga be sippin the finest winw

Spendin G's, making hitz back and forth, we flyin

Tryin to make a mil y'all

Cuz we roll with the motto, "Ball Til We Fall"

Fuck wit B you bringin B.G. all the way out there

Fuck wit me you bringin Baby all the way out there

Since '92, '93 our love been there

We never stand to a pussy, cash money, nigga stare

I'm a Big Tymer, that's a fact

Suga Slim just signed a, me and him a contract

? Capone thugin quick they bust yo head, watch that tone

In that mansion is where we lay our head at

We play high, go floss, roxin and drive drop tops

Way I bust it like Suge and 'Pac

[Chorus]{ Baby }

Like Suge and Pac

Like Puff and B.i.G

Baby and B.G. tryin to clock six figs

Like Face and Jay

Like Russ and Run

Baby and B.G. tryin to clock a Million


Like Jay and Face

Like Russ and Run

Baby and B.G. comin thru like a sound right from machine gunz

Worth more money than these niggaz could wonder

You better think quick nigga we hit blocks like thunder

Comin thru a dark tunnel of black on black Hummers

It ain't no secret we showed our ass last summer

We both got 3 or 4 bitches we bang at first

and we see play boy to hi