Southern Boy

Big Tymers

[Mannie Fresh talking:]

yeah, yeah, yeah, If David Banner was here right now, he would just look at y'all mutha

fuckas and go DAMN,

If Flip was here he would go What Is Y'all saying ?...

[Mannie Fresh]

I'm a push trucks, nigga I'm a drive Benz,

Muthafuck the 8's nigga I'ma get the 10's,

I'ma drink everything, I'ma get drunk,

Watch the shoes, I'ma show ya dudes, I'm bout to pop the trunk,

I'ma be captivator, I'ma be calm,

Hat to the shirt, to the pants playa WOAH,

I'ma play Polo, I'ma stay rich,

I'm about to bust the southside in this bitch,

I'm a stay with sprint, mutha fuck Nextel,

(can you hear me now, I don't love no girl)

I'ma eat chicken player, Ima sip lak,

And push the old school Caddy with the Diamond in the Back,

I'ma get the candy paint just because I know you can't,

Pussy, Pussy, Pussy, your life is blank,

I'ma get the new J smoke all the purple haze,

I'ma stick with game spittin', game spittin' in your face,

[Chorus X2 (Lil' Wayne)]

Cause I'm a mutha fuckin southern boy,

coming down so clean, and with rhymes so mean,

heavy starch in my jeans, I

Want Criss, want hard, fuck a nigga, fuck a broad,

you can't top my southern flow,

cuz I'm a mutha fuckin southern boy


Look we ride the biggest truck,

20 inches don't give a fuck,

When I roll, nigga know I'm plush

Coming round' and I'm high as fuck,

Green truck, lift up, spinning blades is a must,

Wood grain, suede and leather, feeling good with this Cali weather,

I can go in any hood, get a nigga they know I could,

Coming round and I'm iced up too,

Nigga know bout me and my crew,

Laying low, being cool,

Smoking weed, is what we do,

Moving Ki's, bought that coupe,

Stacking G's is what we do,

Nigga know that I'm slanging that iron,

Fuck around trying to take my shine,

Nigga know that I'm bout getting mine,

Hustling, fli