Numba One Stunna

Big Tymers

N**** can't out-stunt me when it come to these f***in' cars, n****

Believe that

You know me, I don't need no introduction and s***

Ride Bentleys 'round the city on buttons, ya b****

Arm hangin', wrist blingin', just stunnin' and s***

Drop the top, block is hot, stay bumpin', ya b****

??? get it right, don't tangle and twist it

Hit the club every night, drunk, drinkin' that Crissy

N****s mad, don't like it 'cause I'm bangin' they b****es

When the light hit the ice, it twinkle and glistens

Baby, Bryan, B., Bubble, you can call me what you feel

Hoppin' out the platinum Hummer with the platinum grill

With the platinum pieces and the platinum chains

With the platinum watches and the platinum rings

Last s*** ain't changed, still doin' my thing

Still do it for the block, n**s hang and swing

You don't know another n**** that could stunt like me

Big Tymer representin', n****, the U.P.T.

I'm that hard n**** stunnin' like Evil Knievil

Jumpin' out Lexus and Hummers, showin' off for my people

I'm the #1 stunna (Wh-wh-what)

The #1 stunna (Wh-wh-what)

James Bond, Jackie Chan, and that b****, McGyver

Private planes, Jaguars, Bentleys and Prowlers

I'm the #1 stunna (Wh-wh-what)

The #1 stunna (Wh-wh-what)

I put dubs on cars, when I ride I'm fly

We thugs, not stars, b****, ride or die

Put bricks on blocks, n****, cooked and cut

Juve' 'bout to hold the rocks, n****, hook it up

Diamonds on my h**s feet, when they walk they spark

Diamonds in my f***in' teeth, when I talk I spark

Don't f*** around with beef, when it start I spark

Me and my Hot Boy creeps, when it's dark we spark

Just bought a new car and I'm thinkin' 'bout a million

The motherf***in' driver seat sittin' in the middle

Me and my son, Wheezy, got a house by the water

I'll be f***in' bad b****es, I be hittin' they daughters

I like my d*** sucked fast, I like to play with them rookies

I like to f*** 'em in they a** while he beat up the p****