My Life

Big Tymers


I done teached and talked

Walked away and fought

Went from cussin and bustin

Hustle from day to dark

Turned nothin to somethin

Introduced to stunnin

In my life In my life

I done caused some hurt

And I done did some good

Said I can't even when I could

I was stopped and tested fingerprinted and arrested

In my life In my life

Just say no when I really meant yes

I'm gon smoke all night til it hurt my chest

Slim told me over the years that shit gon tear up careers

In yo life In yo life

What'chu gon do when snakes come to yo crew

I'm a get on my knees and ask the Lord please

Separate good from fake and the love and the hate

In my life In my life


I mean fuck I done had a rough life you know what I'm sayin

B.G. lived that thug life

I done done it all in my life

I done done time

I done lived in group homes

I been on the third floor of hospitals

I mean it's just been a stuggle for me

But now I'm on top you know what I'm sayin

And it ain't to turnin back

And I take chances in whatever I do

Cuz if I don't take chances I don't see the life after all


The night in the Rover

When the niggas came over

You went out like a soldier

And I still can't get over

What fake bitches done done

Got me clutchin my gun

In this life In this life

I used to wonder why

All the good niggas die

Why some soldier gotta suffer

And mothers gotta cry

Why my daddie gotta lie

Cuz he don't even try to be

In my life In my life

Take care of your crib

Where you lay down and live

Forget and forgive cuz you done put it through some shit

Had yo daughter and yo son

Been down since day one

In yo life In yo life

What the fuck is wrong you don't understand this song

Tell yo momma you love her before she dead and gone

Nigga that don't quit that's some real ass shit

In this life In this life


Man I mean