Got Everything

Big Tymers

[Baby Talking:]

Ay, Big Money Heavyweight, ay Fresh we back at it daddy, Big Tymers, summertime boy

[Verse 1 (Baby)]

See its summertime homie and we born to shine,

Cadillac dipped grill with the 9 on line,

Keep the ice on packed, with the big mack stacks,

Rims dipped the same colour as the new Cadillac,

See we lace our hoes, and smoke our dro'

When we go to the club, we go through the back door,

With the nine on my waistline (waistline)

Any nigga act up he get that nine to his fuckin' mind

Homie still doing time (doing time), son a sack thru his mind

he get it thru the pipeline,

flicks, so you see how we shine, everybody know stunna so you know I'm doing mines,

Its a vision of dreams with Cadillac machines, get loot, not hoes if you know what I mean

Gotta hustle and grind, keep the money on your mind,

Summertime all hoods, blow up and shine

[Chorus X2 (Tateeze & Baby)]


Got everything they ever built, everything they ever made


And on my bed, I even got a mink spread


On all my cars, gotta have spinning blades


And all my toys, gotta have an infared

[Verse 2 (Mannie Fresh)]

Six years ago, a friend of mine

Said its gon' rain before the sunshine,

Some gon' lead, some gon' follow,

Some gon' spit, some gon' swallow,

Now where you going ?, where you been ?

And whats your angle, and how you fit in,

So this time I made up my mind,

Fuck being broke, its time to shine,

Kiss my momma, tell my daddy I'm gone,

Baby boy on his way to make a song,

From a quarter to a dollar to a five to a ten

You are witnessing,

The rise of a young black entrepreneur,

Spread my wings, I'm about to soar,

two million, three million nigga I did it,

two billion, three billion nigga lets get it,

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 3 (Baby & Mannie Fresh)]


See I'm a neighbourhood baller with the beamers and sprawlers,

The broads keep callin cuz baby I'm ballin'