Preppy Pimp

Big Tymers


Hello? is your mom home?

who's this?

this greg

hold on, let me go get her

oh no, dont go get her, dont go get her

whatchu mean?

i just wanted to kno is your mom home

ok......she's here

where is she right now?

she's in the back room.

ok, just leave her back there. damn, what's your name?

(laughs) Tiesha

Damn, Tiesha that's a nice name, huh?


whatchu doin, Tiesha?

nothin, just chillin

oh u aint got nothin to do tonight huh? you just chillin?


u aint got none of them little boys callin you or nothin like that?

no, im cool, im just chillin. what's up?

you must be shy or somethin if they aint callin you right now. you sound like you should be havin a whole buncha guys callin you.

naw, i dont roll like that

tiesha, how old are you

im 19

19? damn, girl. you sound mature for your age

you think so?

yea, listen to how you sound.i just wanted to know one thing, Tiesha. can you do me a big favor?

what's that?

I said, tiesha can you do me one big favor

i said, what's that?

can you stick yo finger in yo booty?

can i do what?

i said can you stick your big finger in yo booty?

you cant be serious

tiesha, dont get me wrong girl, just listen. thereason im you sayin this is because i think you might like it.

you think so?

yea. you ever stuck your finger in yo booty for a man before?

i've never stuck my finget in my booty at all

aw, man, you oughtta get that feeling. you'd like that shit

you think so?

yea. look, imma call you back here a little later and tell your mom i called