Millionaire Dream

Big Tymers

(Lil' Wayne)

Wuz Up

This the life nigga


Verse 1:

I got ten round my neck

Twenty on my wrist

Million dollar luck ah

Million dollar kiss

Pull up in my Lexus

Sippin on Don P

Call me lil' baby but you ain't know it was CMB

I floss everyday wootay

Knowin' to shine like a crushed wined face rolie

What the deal on the real it's all about scrill

Pretty grills, pretty broads, and plenty mills ah

Ridin to myself up in my baby benz

Playin' tens, goin shoppin with my lady friends

Flyin' to Nashville, me and bob splittin eighty

Then I chill on Washatona with Slim and Baby

See the $ on my back symbolize my click

See the $ around my neck symbolize we rich

Always wonderful, but Baby gotta see it to beleive


All this ice and rich heights man it's off the heezy

Fifteen and I'm workin' wit a hundred and better

And you can put that on my diamond Gucci bezzel



I got ten around my neck (mm mm)

And biggets on my writst (*Bling*)

See we ball till we fall (la la)

Livin' a millionaires dream (wootay)


Sice I done hit me a lick

I done got some shit

That most niggas out chere can't fuck wit

Sixty- Five on rims to get they mind right

Then took the Cahmoney piece and put twenty all


Now I'ma ball till I fall if it kills a bitch

Check the crown of the rolie from the flick to the


Six figures ain't enough for this game that i'm in

If i can make a-hundred G's then i can make a


Rice and Baby in a loader fuckin around with them


Me and Slim was parlaing makin deals in the rose

Wayne and Manny in a hummer spit 'n' game to a


B.G. and Juvi in a benz bumpin hot boys this

Big Tymers oh it's nothing nice i ain't sellin for shit

If it's a Bentley that I want

It's a Bentley I get

Drop-Top, CD changer come equiped with with the phone

Cashmoney BigTymers