Big Tymers

Big Tymers


For sure, lil' one

Off top, playboy

Look here

These lil' young jive motherfuckers just jumpin' off the porch


Let me at 'em


Better catch they motherfuckin' cut, nigga

Look, this block is mine

And I don't need these niggas playin' with our hoes

'Cause they're my hoes (say, playboy)

I done fucked the whole block already, ya understand


We don't even want you comin' 'round no more


Bitch-ass nigga, catch your cut

We got this shit, wodie


Gotta hustle

{verse 1}

[Baby + (B.G.)]

Back where I started on my set in black (Uh-huh)

Hopped out the passenger side of my 'Lac (Then what?)

Under my nuts was two ounces of crack (Yeah?)

My lil' nigga, Geezy, say he needed a stack (For sure)

Fronted my lil' wodie a ounce of crack

The bricks look the same, but them youngsters be strapped

From snortin' dope smokin' momo's, and jackin'

Old folks scared that's why they be snappin' (What?)

Callin' the law look (?)

I told the young nigga to learn the mack

Poppin' two, shor-tay


Four in the mack

[Baby + (B.G.)]

We hard-headed head bustas

We don't give a fuck - untamed motherfuckers

Jumped off the porch as a young motherfucker (What?)

My mind went dead (What?)

My daddy's dead (What?)

My brother's a dope fiend, I'm duckin' the Fed (You lyin')

Word got around that a nigga was paid (Yeah?)

Supplied the whole uptown - word was said (Yeah?)

With quarters and halves (Yeah?), chickens and bricks (Yeah?)

Bundles of dope and ounces and shit

We drive Bentley's and Jags (What?),Corvettes and bikes (What?)

Two Mercedes Wagons with kits and lights (What?)

(?) and Prowlers (What?), Suburbans and jets (What?)

Twenty-inch momo's with a-thousand a bet (For sure)

(Hook2x [B.G.])

Big Tymers - they g