Gangsta Girl

Big Tymers

[R. Kelly - talking (continues behind Chorus)]

Roll, cheah, cheah

Roll, cheah, cheah

Roll, cheah, cheah


You can catch me in the club with a gangsta girl

When I ride, I'm gonna ride with a gangsta girl

When I smoke, I'm gonna smoke with a gangsta girl

When I freak, I'm gonna freak me a gangsta

[Verse 1 - R. Kelly]

I'm lookin' for them gangsta girls, not them fake ass Wanksta girls

Just them ghetto fabulous girls, gotta keep 'em in my world

Mama makin gangsta moves, rollin with this gangsta dudes

Sittin' on, spinnin' 24's, openin' up Bentley doors

Drunk at the party, hands up in the air but still she sexy when she shake her body

That type of chick that says hey girl, let's go to the after party

After that we go to my room for the after, after party

Y'all know what happens next, Hypnotiq and a rated X, got her singin' the greatest sex

Now on dubs, rollin' up, into the club, raisin' 'em up

Now we in the back, blazin' 'em up, dice in hand, shakin 'em up

I need a chick like that to come and share my gangsta world (woo)

And if you in the club with hands up, you can gangsta girl

[Baby - talking behind Chorus]

Oh yeah

I see ya

Oh yeah



[Verse 2 - Baby]

Ok, mami your so gangsta cause she fuck with nothin' but gangsta (gangsta)

Type a nigga that a stank a gangsta

Drink Hypnotiq and she roll big body, and she got a body, that is gangsta hottie

And she fuck with nothin' but gangstas that is 'ol 'ol G 'ol G, 24's on that brand new G

At a gangsta party, she'll be drinkin' Bacardi, and she pops her body, don't you hurt nobody

Got my killers in here, they'll squirt somebody, but that Benz so fast, it'll jerk your body

And we smokin' that Cali dro, totin' that Calico

Bird man and Kelly mami, let your body roll

No one will never know, what happen behind the door

I like it fast or slow, a freaky chick fo sho

Street life is all I know,