Stun'n (remix)

Big Tymers

[Featuring Lil Wayne, PapaRue]


Now since my gear be on shine

These haters be packin' dey nine

But look playa I'm down for mine

Try'n to catch me at the red light gettin my shine

But I use my nina to protect me at all times

I just bought that new lexus, that 1998

The bubble lights boy wit' them 19 inches

See I'ma talk about my Humvee at the end of my rhyme

I just bought that new Range Rover wit' them six new tires

Now every broad I know I done sexed at least one time

Now playboy, tell me how you love that

[Mannie Fresh]

Last night, i got a call on my phone

Ike Turner wanna make a "gangsta slap-a-broad" pimp song

He said "I called you man cause you the realest"

Lay it down, lay it down, cause these broads love Willis

Have "woes' that suck toes and wash clothes

Playas try to fit ya like a pair of Girbauds

Girls in the morn'n to brush my teeth

Lil' girls wit curls love to wipe my feet

BLING, diamonds glistenin' everywhere

It's allright for that girl look at me, y'all let her stare

Baby, I know I'm gorgeous, cause I'm the largest

Jet skiis and M3's in my garag-es

[Chorus: PapaRue]

I bought a Hummer that's sittin' on 32's

We love stun'n and givin' these broads the blues

Fresh got a Burban that's sittin' on 20's fool

Woodgrain, TV's and it's all cool (2x)


Now playa, tell me how you can beat this

A million dollars worth of cars all on chrome, can you defeat this

Wit all new homes, 8 of 'em

The Hot Boy$ new album, Guerilla Warfare and it jumped of strong

I spent 2 million buildin' my own home, wit a million dollars worth of