They stare towards the heart

They stare at the stone

He'll upend the plate of angles;

She'll upend the plate of angles

V dashes of Mercury

And Asarus Alchemy

Will channel V archangels... V archangels

[Chorus I:]

"In the Sun we remember;

In the planets we forget

We've come unto a hall and Asaru is who we've met"

Huluppu roots are forked

Like veins in a canny hand;

Their leaves have scuttled

In spiraled force

A VI fold nova,

Fleurs de lys...

V cards are placed in the hand of the course.

[Chorus II:]

"O' Abyssia we recall;

In spiraled force, they will fall

Man, staff and the silver gilt key shall take us to


[Mandate of Pandemonium (Solos: Shaftiel):]

"Dreamer!" : "Redeemer!"

"Dreamer!" : "Redeemer!"

"Dreamer!" : "Redeemer!"

"The Abyss!" : "V.I.T.R.I.O.L.!"

[Repeat Mandate of Pandemonium]

Their Universe...

It's constantly changing,

And every change in force

It's constantly dying.



Rearrange V cards, yet are they lying?

[Repeat Chorus I]

Closing verdant curtains

Closure is the apex;

One curve is the asp,

But the snake is a path in light

These twins are emerging,

Geminis still verging,

Yet Atu still carries the knife.

[Repeat Chorus II]