The Cognate House Of Courtly Witches Lies Wes


Cairn Warrior's Appetency of Invultuation:]

I am the one to seek the courtly witch -

She is the one to find me.

I am the one to yearn the dazzling bitch -

She is the one to bind me.

So I say, the spell has begun!

[Tea (Courtly Witch):]

"The darkness is starting and control is done..."

[Cairn Warrior:]

Stones of power inside this sphere

are stark stones of magick -

I am joining the mystic ring,

with this woman, as we implore.

We do implore.

I am aiding the mystic writ;

I am gifted knowledge from deep wells!

[Chorus - Cairn Warrior's First Myaltic Rite:]

Candle of fire, candle of might,

Create my desires here on this night -

This candles stream is suddenly flaming higher!

Bring to me my heart's desire,

My words of strength are suddenly hung,

So I proudly state this spell has begun!

[Cairn Warrior:]

Stones of power within ire

are strong stones of cabal.

I am joined int he magick round,

with this bitch, as we implore.

We shall explore.

With Paralda by my side,

I am granted sylphs and zephyrs!

[Cairn Warrior's Second Myaltic Rite:]

Show me the rings of your cosmic fire,

Make my pathway carved and clear.

Give me a code that's no will of mine,

To show me your presence is here!

[Repeat Cairn Warrior's Second Myaltic Rite]

[Chorus II - Cairn Warrior's Last Myaltic Rite:]

Courtly witch of the beast -

Courtly bitch of the daring arm,

I am your tyro, yet never alarmed!

A dash of thistle, and in my dreams -

Give me the silver-gilt key,

That will unlock the spell...

Courtly witch, assist me!