A Shield With An Iron Face



A Cairn warrior dressed in his harness feeling fury and frenzy.

His silky top had blood stained gauze stretched across his pecks.

His tartan had lines of symmetry running east and west.

An embellished shield with an iron face was embraced in his left hand.

[Bridge - Eremon (Chieftain of Cairn):]

"I welcome thee, o' victorious, I'm skirmishing...at the lift!"

"I welcome thee, o' victorious, I'm skirmishing...by the dark!"


He rushed to feed the fire,

As honor gained him a home -

He veered beyond the pyres,

The Son of Cairn sat enthroned.

An iron shield gaped toward the sky,

With oak wood and leather backing;

Reprisal lead the way to his mind,

And so it did.

[Cairn Warrior's Question of Vindication:]

"C¡ bhfuilimid ag dul amarach?" ("Where are we marching tomorrow?")

[Chorus - Iold¡nach:]

A shield with an iron face gapes towards the sky,

The death of a man is never going to die.

A resolute falcon gawks back at the armor -

On the wing, yet on the lifting hour.

[Repeat Bridge - Eremon (Chieftain of Cairn)]