Four Crossed Wands (spell 181)


[Chorus I:]

I'm the Knight of Wands-

Yodh is in the name

I'm swift and violent:


The fiery part of Fire-

I'm a lightning flash

Between the symbol,

And the natal force.

[Chorus II:]

She's the Queen of Wands-

H© is in the name

She's fermenting, yet


The watery part of Fire-

She's quick to receive

Between the surface,

And the process of (pro) creation.

Kan! King!

51st Hexagram

A warrior in complete armor

With wand in the left hand and torch in the right. (181)

Su­! Queen!

17th Hexagram

Her crown is topped with a winged sphere,

And rayed with flames. (181)

[Chorus III:]

He's the Prince of Wands-

Vau is in the name

He's manifesting, but


The airy part of Fire-

He's the "Dying God!"

Between the virtue,

And the Leader of his caste.

Y® King! Y® King!

42nd Hexagram

A shrouded warrior in full-scale armour-

On his chest, he bears the sigil "TO MEGA QHRION."

[Chorus IA:]


Ž Queen! Ž Queen!

27th Hexagram

Her crown is surged with a disque of the Sun

And once again, rayed with fire.

[Repeat Chorus IA]

"They observe no regular rule in the ordering of their hearts."

[Repeat Chorus IA]

[Chorus IV:]

She's the Princess of Wands-

H© is in the name

She's crystallizing, yet


The earthy part of Fire-

She's absorbing

Between the Silence,

And the 10th of May.