Infinite And Profane Thrones


As we journey over to the summit

We hear the echoes of dispossession

Who is to worry about our affliction

When my body departs from the shame

The wickedness my sinfullness

You may swell to the elysian fields

But the befall of Marduk will trace the literal thruth

The Utuk xul! Wine's Holy Fool!

Whereby to capture and atone the clouded soul

The weeping apparition looks for duration

Conjectures of being vulgar, then godless ways

Euphony sounds the sanctum bell

I will structure the ordained spell

Guide the mistress versus the throne

Here's the first seed of the inquisition

Black lake current sailed past the rushes

Dismal heights will melt the scarlet snow

I'll give my sorrow to the lady in white

'O' pale flower, you'll feel the vein in depth.'

The wanderers of the eroded

The gates of Ganzir!

The Magnum Opus

The Xenolith!

Monuments of a vanquished civilization

A cenotaph of theomorphic conjurations

Sempiternity of the ones of our underworld

Archetypal images awaits the declivity

Infinite and profane thrones

Absymal sighs of the damned

Feel the intention by depressing your own god