From Ancient Times (starless Skies Burn To As


Blazing to their pikes

Turning to dust

Gusting with the wind

They (still) dream of an older delusion

Reigning, raining

Dampening the empire

Their excursion burns with the ashes

Calm lakes mirrored

Glistening everywhere

They rove through the waters and fires

Silent seas paused

Enlightening low light

Their visions for imperishability

The weakened flesh

Expecting downfall

Their ashes spread through lightless, starless skies

The Eminence

Not expecting wind

They (now) think of a newer illusion


PRAISE - The ancient times

AS EARTH - Equates their end

COMMAND - The ancient times

LIKE TARA - Shall never pretend

DIES - Irae, dies illa

QUIDQUID - Latet adparebit

NIL - Inultum remanebit

DEPOSE - Towards ancient times

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat All Verses In Reversed Order Excluding The First & Last]