An Equinox Of Fathomless Disheartenment


Ecliptic sects are obtained by fluxions

Phenomenon of the Holy Qabalah will

Intervene with the serpent of Daath

The inmost godhead of Phallus

Deems the temperament of Kan and Yi King

Ancient attitudes of equipoise

Drastic seasons of ceremonial permutations

There is not a creation in the firmament

The direction to conduct an angels choir

I'm still pleeding to the heinous-eyed cherubim

To see this bemired vesture of waste


You are the force of Lotus

And the Path of live

The venus in my cancer

And consolidation of the dyad

You are the strict joy of ectasy

And the power of yellowish light

Luster the garden of Kundry and cover Laetitia