Sea of uruk

I taste the salt of you

I hunt through sands of Roba El Khaliyeh

Dumuzi Apzu

Your allure is so very pure

Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa

You shall drown the fearless ones

The sword of Lapis Lazuli Diadem

Your fullness and strength is my delight

Edin Na Zu, Edin Na Zu

The stars have spoken to me

They've told me the tale of your past

Battles were clashed by you

Long before the cosmos existed

O' mountains of Mashu

Please help me to find the grey stone

I lost it, yet it's symbol unequals your race

I am in search of the Northern Nineveh; it's beyond the hills of Zagros

I thrust my sword onto the veil, and then, in the Earth

Reversed lightning strikes Sumerian sands

They glance at me with eyes of Sunkun Varloorni

Their eyes flare red with glowing embers

Follow the path of gold and ye shall find the symbols: Arra, Agga, and Bandar

In my sleeping village of Bet Durrabia, Shabatu forces the nineteenth hour

Ye go to thy Apzu; the unsightly abyss of Enidu

Ye go to thy Apzu; the impious axis of Enidu

I have traveled beneth the seas in search of our master's palace

I have finally found the grey stone of the immemorial ones

I have raised my armies in the lands of the eastern, summoning hordes

I have seen Ngga, God of Heathens, as my sword Diadem gleams

The cosmos shall be greeted from the blood of thez serpent

A serpent well known as Tehom Mummu Tiamat

Man shall be greeted from the blood of Kingu

Thy queen of mashu will haunt the vision of your breed

O' my queen, I feel your skin of white, I touch your breasts of life, yet

there's a battle I must fight

Zagros, Avagon, Ngga, Shabatu

Thy skin of white misses you

Please don't leave me ever, nevermore

Unless you go, please take me with you

We'll ride onto wings of Anzu

I heard the bellow of wolves behind the half-burnt waves

The tides of uruk swept your tongue across the salty floor