The Winter Zephyr


One silver cloud collapsed below the glow of a harvest fullmoon.

`Cause we're here to make an oath and we'll raise our realm in a sky of maroon.

Our stratosphere turned dark; however, the Western winds never stopped blowing.

All deceiving religions fall, we'll gonna close our hands, and make our own


[Chorus x 2]

Ignite the wroth flames -

3 fires to the sky

Before the violence,

We stand before the most, wild beast.

We'll rape the peace.

Once again,

We summon you,

To join us all!

Standing upon the sand of the shores was a Queen, with a crown, of 13 stars.

She worships the dragon above, which exalts impiety in that wild beast.

Our father is here with us and we'll summon you to join us.

If we're bonded by jewels and blood on our fists, then we hail you within

kingdoms of mist.

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

Gorias! (The silver sword of the moon)

Finias! (The flaming lancet of the sun)

The winter zephyr warps the power of Sessair - 3 MORBID SCREAMS!