Feis Mor Tir Na N'og (across The North Sea To


Across the northern seas, we travel

The cold freezing winds will arouse us

Spells from a woman have sent us to the seas of avagon

Transformed by our mother, we are

I am CuChulainn, the warrior of Ulster

We'll search the lands to discover the Tir Na N'og

The sea god guides our ship to Ireland

The storms push us to the palace of Visnech

Our swords with fire are rising

Our axes with fire have risen

The call from the silver horn to Visnech splits the air

Warriors answered the horn behind the western lands

Hoofs and steel hammered past the cries beyond the thorned hills

Acknowledging the commands from the king

Our play lies north to the path of Nite

And brings us upon the fortress walls where battles raged

Raise the magick hammer of Mjollnir

Your underworld of Annwvyn draws us through

Emer, thy lucious woman, I shall sleep with you

I kiss the naked skin of white

I lust your black hair, my woman divine

I see a holocaust in your eyes

(You are my princess of live)

(You are my princess of life)

Feis Mor Tir Na N'Og

In the land of Visnech, the darkness never sinks away

All will fall upon the southern steel, yet behind the burning fires

Now, we bathe at the bleeding coast, while women laugh with the Gailant


How sad is it to see my father's fallen halls?

Can I feel the pure blast from the frigid winds?

I awake the gods Epona, Cernunnos, and Lugh

Yes, I'm CuChulainn, warrior fo Ulster

[repeat verse]

In order to worship with fire and sword

The storms shall force us to the palace of Visnech

Cold, cold, how cold are the plains of Lugh?

You should ask thy Emer to reply

We've finally found the last paradise

It remains in the light of Tir Na N'Og

With the hand of Ler, Irish Sea god

We shall complete our long excursion