Strive For The Best


Hatiku mencari
Pancaran sinar
Kilauan gemilang

Terangi dunia
Membawa erti Bertakhta dalam jiwa

Kini impian bersama menjadi nyata di hati
Bila tercapai hasratmu
Gemilang dan bersemadi di dalam jiwa
Suara naluri
Menjulang cita selamanya

Deep down in our heart
The sorrows and pain
Will survive the test of time

But the strength remains
for the taste of fame
Being there amongst the stars
To realise this dream
And hold it to our heart... forever
We fly up so high... way above
Reaching out the fulfil our dreams

In search for the best
That lies deep within us
Cherish the moment
For all time

Never for less...
We strive for the...
BEST !...