Stephen Lynch

Hush,little girl
sweet baby dont cry
daddy is here he will sing u a song

why cant it all be like it was
how can I explain why mummy is not her anymore

daddy likes porno,nintendo and whores
daddy gets wasted,robs liquor toys
daddy like rubbing against little boys on the bus
I think thats why your mummy left us
mummy left us

hush little girl
there is no reason to fret
dont mind the smoke
daddy just wants to forget

(takes a pull)
soon it will all be like it was before
any minute she will walk though that front door
but daddy plays poker and drinks lots of beer
daddy likes sex which involves mummy's rear
daddy has sores on his naughty parts oozing with puss
I think thats why mummy left us

please dont cry
I swear ill try
to be here by
your side

right after daddy gets home from the bar
visits his bookie and steals a new car
he'll drive to the strip club
and if he plays his cards right
he'll bring your new mummy tonight

da di dy da di dy dy dy da di dy da di dy dy da dy