Full Blown Aids

Stephen Lynch

Down to my target weight

Sarcoma popped out all over my face

I lost three teeth and all of my friends

Looks like this time I'm nearing the end

Full blown aids

No need to lie no reason to fib

When you're flat on your back counting all of your ribs

I went to give blood they just showed me the door

I stood up to leave then I fell on the floor

Full blown aids

Everybody now!

Damn that whore

Damn that whore

I said damn that whore

Aw yeah

Damn that whore

Let's break it down now

My genitals can do a little spoken word

A little poetry

Cause I know you guys can appreciate some good poetry, right?

Well the FBA has set in and he's left feeling a little low

Here you go, Mike

Well, now I've got aids

I don't feel so good

So I'm gonna go out and share it

With my neighborhood

Bartender, waitress, here's your tip

That ain't acne above my lip

Oh, ya have to leave?

Ah, that's ok

I've got time to kill

Maybe two or three days

I'm sitting alone humming this song

I start to think about everyone who done me wrong

Who's done ya wrong?

My fifth grade teacher


Mr. Beck

Your gonna find a hypodermic

in your neck

Patrons of my restaurant

What about um?

Your tit's blue



Well that ain't half and half in your stew

And Wendy

You remember me


She stood me up for prom

But I won't infect her

You won't infect her?

I'm gonna infect her mom

Her mom?!

It's full blown aids

Damn that whore

Ya little mother fucking whore

Ya little mother fucking whore



Its full blown aids

That's right, baby