F Your Sister

Stephen Lynch

I like my toast buttered

And I'll take mine dry

I dig the Beatles

I'm a Stones kind of guy

I have fine taste and I like things cheap

I wanna stay up all night I just wanna sleep

With your sister

What did you just say?


You just said something-

I wanna sleep, alright here we go

No, I'm not ready

I love the sunshine

and I wanna nail your sister

No, see, your doing it again

I like Julia Robert's movies

I just wanna F the S out of your sister

And Mark you would rule

Hey, if ya just say it's cool

I'd go pick her up

At her junior high school

Yeah your sister, yeah

I wanna F your sister

I wanna F her in the A

And just C all over her chin

Well I'd stick my fist in her V

And I'd move it around and then I'd move it to her A fuck hole

It'd be so f-ing great

I'd nail her

Yeah I wanna nail your sister

Stop it!


I wanna make one thing clear

I do not like Julia Robert's movies!