Walpurgis Night


[Summoning Nornagest:]

"Iah! Shub Niggurath, black goat of the woods,

I summon thee, answer my calls, answer my soul,

I made the signs, I took the swords; Zariatnatmix, Janna,

Etitnamus, Hayras, Fabelleron, Fubentronty, Brazo,

Tabrasol, Nisa, Varf-Shub-Niggurath! Gabots Membrot!"

[Unholy preach Sabathan:]

Father! Dishonour your daughter without shame!!!

Mother! Leave your younger, son to your ugliest desires!!!

Brother! Fuck your sister with all the joy deserved!!!

"Ita, Movet blatos xali huc ut tyche liget oxum lup cnei futitoris hic!!!!"

Ooohh, dance brothers and sisters dance till our next dawn...

As our fury becomes our hate, as your hate becomes our fury,

kill, rape, fuck and destroy as you always wanted to!

Broken, pick of our distractions, April thirteenth by this night of

Walpurgis Lets sing on the darkened path,

in this place where rock seeds as trees.

Where life is crushed by the beauty of silence...

Oh lord, give us your impress on these hills of Hartz.

Follow our way, follow our left hand path unto the forlorn lands...

There we'll dance and fornicate again under the starry night,

and under the mighty eye of Shub-Niggurath the great!

Now waiting the sacrifical hours, majestuous sacrifice

offer up to the black goat of the woods.

A heart still bleeding, from a child's corpse,

a gift of honour to the lord of hell, Voor, Kish, Koth...

Under the gleams of the torches, thousands of brothers gathered

down beneath the black velvet sky...

For a purification in delirium pain and agony...

Ooooh Lord! Join our unholy fornications...

In this Walpurgis Night we remember and celebrate the memory

of Cernunnos, beyond the realms of death we'll meet again...

We'll meet again.