[music: N.Daemon/Sabathan/Nornagest, lyrics: Nornagest]

Is there a will from God which says:

"Men shall not do what they cannot do"

That the values of a nation or a single being are measured by a

obedience degree, based on that will?

That the destinies of a nation or a single being God`s will manifested,

as a dominion like a principle of punishment or reward based on that obedience measures

[Lead: Nornagest]

Bloodline-a certain kind of parasites: priests

Raise this "heaven" the place where weakness is law,


Your reflexion shall be thy dagger, your dedication the spear

through the heart of the holy king, until he dies!!!

The blessed whore shall recrucify her son,

This is not where he belongs!

Only death decided how the story ended, only the cross was reserved

to the filthiest rubbish, let his guts cover the hopeless sun,

down in the worlds beyond.

[Lead: Nornagest]

Bloodline, agonizing "light", the nailed faith is fadin` away

The dream is complete, the reality takes it over.


The opposer is the new order, and will forever be our father

[Lead: Nguaroth]