Throne To Purgatory


Calling the souls of a thousand cemeteries.

Bring winds from beyond iced lands.

Guardians of darkness make raging storms in the skies,

to carry the screams of victims beiging sacrificed,

whose blood flows endlessly into many lakes and seas.

Behind the haunted walls of the purgatory,

the innocent gods became my slaves to serve...

...Me and the master on his throne

They call upon the immortal,

legions to burn the holy gates of heaven.

Messenger of hate, you're the barrier against daylight.

together with the demon's legions,

we are ready to launch an attack.

Against the golden walls of paradise, to conquer this earth

[The Beast:]

"My throne will rise from the bloody seas

surrounded by a thousand impaled angels...

By Lucifers flames, bastard Christ is already consumed

with a thousand holy souls, deep in Hydra's throat!"

Open the gates to purgatory,

to throw their souls into the abyss of grief,

while Christ fuckin' you with so many lies.

SATAN purified your soul in pain.

White souls are falling endlessly one by one.

The throne of doom stands in the centre of frightened cohorts.

Crying their bastards defeat.


"We are gathered around a throne of human skulls.

Waiting our wish, the beast forever and ever enthroened

in the vast halls of eternity.

Oooohh! Sit my lord... Sit upon the throne to purgatory

and reign in immortality, beyond every life,

beyond every god without fear without peace...

Just eternally!!!!"