The Ultimate Horde Fights


Here you are fallen, angel of doom

Almighty star, son of the dawn

Vanquisher of nations, you said in your heart:

"I'll go in heaven, dress my throne above the skull of god,

sit on the mountains of darkness and rise the submit of evil!"

But you were precipitated in the dead land

by the holy one the lie himself...

Coherts of ABADDON raise from the depths,

fighting for the wrath of our master,

For the war we need... For the blood we thirst...

Oohh! Kochloffel, lead us against the light, for their Messiah

we'll unleashed the beasts, Kobal for his flesh.

Ukobach for his soul.

For now their messenger becomes the black christ,

swaggerer of our kingdom, blusterer of the cohorts...

The legions of Satan we are already to puke on the holy war.

Already to slaver on their grave!

Walking the path to deliver, the ultimate hordes fight!!!

Jag the parish, rape the nuns, hang the pope cutting this throat...

Mutilation of the vatican's bastard

It's The Ultimate... The Ultimate Fight Of The Hordes...

It's The Ultimate... The Ultimate Fight Of The Hordes!!!