Thundering through the endless woods

let by the sound of the Bjallarhorn,

they resounded from beyond the Skjeldenland.

Clinching with their swords they attack

after hearing the Heimdall's sign to charge,

the sign to ride over Skjeldenland.

Ending with the roman dominion,

they hail the restoration of the pagandom,

burning down the churches with their pagan fire

they do it with ancestral northern hate,

piling sacred temples of the feeble Christ,

They steal the golden call in offering to Odin.

Hailing under the blackened skies of Norway

the raven's claw signed the northern hordes

to charge, to ride all over the Skjeldenland

Claiming their Viking victories in Flanders

as rival they have the Vlanderesns striders

who are daring to keep the Flemish empire.

A silver fullmoon glows on a winter night

sometimes hidden by clouds and Midgard's fire

reflecting and resounding with Thor's strikes

all over the pagan fields of the Skjeldenland.

Freezing, icecold, pagan fullmoon, winter nights

Northwinds are howling like hungry wolves

they victimize, but the Viking horde invade the frozen winter.

They pile the profaned churches and hail the pagan fire,

Asgardsveien are their paths from the Hordanes land.

Rising high their swords, they conquer the Skjeldenland.

Hail Skjeldenland!!!