The Antichrist Summons The Black Flame


I awake the eternal flame who brings desolation

Into my eyes a storming hate waits to be unleashed.

Darkness embraces my soul, my master Satan lead me

with the legions of destruction through the fires of hate.

My vengeance thristy of blood, is ready to spread

a tremendous holocaust, the end of all races.

The third storm will soon arrive, the orgy of the sould will rise.

Total angelcunts desecration is my rebirth into pure blasphemy

I league my soul to Satan, Lucifer and Belzebuth,

and deny god and the son of Jesus Christ,

The holy spirit and the nine hearts of angels.

I'll worship with pride the nine hearts of demons!

Created by hell to destroy all christian life,

sodomizing the virgins with a bestial force,

I find my power in their blood and rip their body

with my claws of steel, vomiting on their corpse.

On my altar when the fullmoon rise.

The ceremony turn in an infernal orgy in holy blood.

I'm the antichrist, master of massacre!

I summon the black flame of apocalypse!

Through my gazing eyes, you'll see the chaos ruling the world.

The end is near, I invoke the immortals the evil without pity.

Time is coming for dying... 666...