Under The Holocaust


Reborn through the breeze in a snowstorm

in front of thirteen black brilliants candles

reflecting under my eyes, and letting reappear

the Medieval visions of my ancient empire.

Prince Lucifer, powerful you buried my corpse

and keep my spirit, to challenge the good in the

name of evil and to declare an endless war,

with the torment of the infernal legions.

I'm the son of the moon, emperor of the war,

I'm the one who unleash the hate

I'm the denial of all benevolence

I prepare my holocaust

I shall kill without pity...

"I raise the inverted cross, in the nightside eclipse...

His eyes shall watch me in battle.

Under the storming holocaustsky,

thy kingdom of heaven will be destroyed forevermore,

under the throne of the horned king,

under the sign of the horned one..."

The whole universe, will then recognize

the supreme power of Satan, who will retake

his throne for eternity and will reign forever.

Beyond the snowclad hills, and the icy mountains

a vast field of crucified, and impaled is stretching.

They're perishing in the blackness of darkness

and soulless of their soul

for centuries lost in Lucifer's kingdom.

And endlessly the bloody rivers flows!

And the maleficiant strengths delivered from

their abyss are raging.

Again the empire of evil,

will shine and my domain of terror,

will keep his powerful majesty,

under the glittering brillance of the moon,

and under the sign of the great iron hammer, sign of Thor.