Spawn From The Abyss


[music: Nornagest, lyrics: Sabathan]

Lord Alrinach, fill storms into rotten sky,

Set pits on fire, burn martyr masses

"Here comes a world of uncontrolled oppression in chaos"

[Lead: Nornagest]

Can you hear the damned bells, talling for the end of these days?

Can you feel the Hellfire`s beat raging under your feets?

The earth shaking, Legions from the abyss rush to retaliate under the mark of Satan`s empire.

Blasting spawn breeding fear and terror

The gallows are waiting to get the holy souls

The abyss open wide, leads the existence across the wicked damnation,

let the blood run free on the invincible strenght of our horde...

Of our horde...

My regards upon this prophecy has become my enjoyment;

A desire to feel some living flesh grinding under our metallic jaws

is grwing with me...

Tearing appart angelic hearts in offer to the Horned One...

In offer to the Horned One!!!

A final age of anger rises through the Beast

This is the 666th generation since the Earth`s last collapse...

Hellbent for a reign of heathen entities.

The abyss down this world reduces existence to ashes

Let the blood run free on the heretic plateau of our force

[Lead: Nguaroth]