Sprinkle Me


[Featuring Suga T]

Intro: E 40

*burrrp burp*

Yeah focus pocus skiggedy skat

It ain't nuttin but me

That nigga E 40

Finna sprinkle some of you fools with some of this

This G A M E man some of this game

Understand my sista

Finna sprinkle you fools with sprinkle sista

Understand this doe

It don't stop til the motherfucking glock pop

[Don't stop] and fuck a glock I'm fuckin with a 6R

P226 Diana Ross cousin nina

Misdemeanor, that's what we do, understand it

Verse One: E-40

I be more hipper than a hippopotamus

Get off in your head like a neurologist

Pushin more weight than Atlas

Got a partner by the name of 2Pacalypse

The seven-oh-seven my roost go hella fall back to Floyd Terrace

I pull a forty out of my ballcap

and den I flush it down my esopha-garus

The group that I'm with The Click

Shigge-D-Shot, Legit

Family orientated

Game related, it's the shit

Killing motherfuckers off crucial

Sittin em down mutual

Running through these lyrics as if I was fibered

like Metamucil

Timah timah.... forty widah.. forty wide

Sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main

Big timah timah, big timah.... forty widah-ahh

Sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main, sprinkle me main

Kick that shit Suga

Verse Two: Suga T

Here comes the top notch, ooh ooh ooh here I be

Clicked out me Suga T from the V

I'm quick to smob (quick to smob), always down for the job

Ya gotta strut that's a gang of shot (gang of shot)

Ooh ooh ooh I'm a fool

Slangin more mail as I slides through your hood

Straight shakin all, these bustas and busterettes

Tryin to claim fame off my Chavez rep