Back Against The Wall


[Featuring Master P]

[E 40]

Tryin to make it..

It's been a long road

Sic Wid It Records

[Master P]


Y'all feel that? (I feel it playboy I smell you)

It's real out here 40 (It's real Pee!)

[E 40]

I'm out here in the slums where thugs be usin ghetto tactics

like choppin up candy canes

sittin on top of a dried up ? stain mattress

Whatever it takes to survive, see that's what I supply

Like slippin and slidin in the grocery store

and settling out of court

Soft white coke a black turn into hard solidses

Thirty-eight snub nosed pistol grip lay nijjas on they wah-wah

The saga continues, the struggle's just beginnin

And it's hard to look up to snotty folks, cause THEY be sinnin

'Pac gone, Biggie gone, Seagram gone -- and we also lost Eazy-E

one of the first gangster rappers of all time

to the most vicious and deadliest disease in history since cancer

To Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, tombstone

From the graveyard shift, RBL's Mister C

One love, to Rappin Ron and Plann B

Victims of the trigger (unnnggggggggghhhhhh)

Po' out a little liquor

Chorus: repeat 2X

It's not the same, this world is crazy

We out here goin through it all

Everything must change, it's gettin shady

Got our backs against the wall

[Master P]

UNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH, I shed tears for pain 40, some for anger

Seen bloodshed by crooked cops, and gangbangers

Feel my pain (unnnggghhh) only time'll change it

and fast money, cars, and bitches got me trapped in this game

And my lil' homies ballin, picture me fallin

and momma in the funeral screamin and crawlin

Is there a heaven or hell?