One More Gen


I'm tryin to hear some of that MOBB

Make it sound like a gorilla tryin to get up out the trunk

(Yeah well let's get this shit crackin then)

Super duper super duper trunk rattlin

(That's what I'm talkin 'bout)

Old school in the basement

(Some shit for the fuckin trunk nigga)

Magazine Street Hillside type

(This is what we do all day like this nigga!)

Mobb shit now!

(Get this shit crackin den nigga!)

It's a drought on

(Fuck now!)


What you holla? What you say? What dey know?

What dey know about this, so what dey know?

What dey know about this, so what dey know?

BEOTCH! Now...

Strictly mobb, strictly mobb

I might be rich and I rap, but sheeeyit

A hundred dollars worth of food stamps for $45 dollars

Nigga fat, I wasn't fin' to bite on that

I stay on stuff, fuck a cup, I likes to drink out the bottle

Mix Gordon's Gin with Donald Duck ? secure my novel

When, I was fifteen years old

Straight dope game, I was told

I had them hoes stealin clothes for me, boostin and sellin they body

Nigga that's how it's supposed to be By Nature cause I'm Naughty


La-Di-Da-Di, we likes to pull triggers

We do cows travels and we, dump on niggaz

Yeah, I'm Just a Hustler, remember that? Mr. Flamboyant 1989

Down and Dirty, Federal, B-Legit the Savage, D-Shot the Shot Caller

My little sista Suga T Sprinkle Me on the money motivated mission

Tryin to have it In a Major Way after I was on the late night grind

Strapped with nines and Desert Eagles, me and my weeples

come deeper than them skinny bitches, crept on us not too long ago

Sold our Lexuses and went back to the Cutlass Supreme

Buster demand they Zima's and forked toes