Lieutenant Roast A Botch


[Featuring Silk E]

[E 40]

The names have been changed to protect the innocent

The Adventures of Lieutenant Roast a Botch & Sherrie Stack a grip

Ay ay ay ay!! Nigga pull that muthafucka ay! Ay!

Hold on playboy aiy pull that muthafucka over dude

Bu bu bu bu bu bu bu!!

[Silk E]

I know he is not about to bring his muthafuckin ass over here

[E 40]

Buu!!! Huh?

[Silk E]


[E 40]

You had a smile on your face yesterday why you lookin mean today?


I was tryin to holla at your patna that's why

I say, uh-oh, look out danger

Captain Save a Hoe with the Rescue Rangers

You wanna holla right

Hell naw you ain't gettin at this

While you was in the Hall of Game you should've checked my exibit

Lieutenant Roast a who, I'll leave you balless

Always can come, this ain't no bench you fuckin walrus

I'm Sherrie Stack a Grip

Known for slappin niggas in shit

I'll take your refrigerator and your bank roll bitch

Only way you gone see this

If it's under your tongue

Get out my face you fuckin eclipse, you're blockin my sun

(car tires skeeting)


Bitch what the fuck you talkin bout?

It ain't like you some kind of notch or somethin

You know what Im sayin? Bitch

I'm Lieutenant Roast a Botch, you didn't know it huh?

Captain Save a Hoe

Bitch that's my long distance cousin from Boise, Idaho

We cake patnas, but dude be savin hoes

And I be savin marbles

It's a long ass distance between me and that fool

Cause he's one of them modest fellows

And I'm Lieutenant Roast a Botch known for roastin hoes like


Let you tell it cause