Mack Minister


I'd like to thank the mack god for all tha playa prophets that he sent

I'd like to thank him for Donald Going and Iceberg Slim

for dottin their I's and crossin their T's poppin their P's and

flexin their G's

I'd like to thank the mack god for all the playa prophets that he

sent before me and 40 water

For the mack I chose 40 water

To come into the world and change and rearrange

To lace the suckers and the anti playa

He came in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, on the glad sandwich bag

and floated ashore

And as soon as he hit the shore, he balanced the game

He said that nine-tenths of his law was possession

And that nine-tenths of his game was position

And that everything was done on the approach

The mack god said that he would send an extraordinary one

On the side of 40 water and he won't just be a playa

He will be an extraordinary playa

Now we gonna turn the mack book from page 211 to chapter 187

And it talks about how they had a kangaroo court for the playas

And how dem suckas is out there with trumped up charged on E-40

Well, if you wanna judge the 40 water, bring him before 12 G's

And open his files

And you will see that he has been true with a capital T since he

was knee high to a grasshopper

That the mack god said that in the year 1555, that there was a

great explosion and some of the playas inhaled some fumes

pertaining additives, preservatives and artificial flavors

The mack god refers to them as suckas

And he said that he would send one that would come from one

That was despised and rejected

And that he would send this extraordinary one in the world

And when he come, he would come with ten commandments

And the commandments would be:

Thou shall not snitch

Thou shall not in