[Featuring B Legit Mac Shon]

Intro: B Legit

Mobb shit bitch

I know you know

But check game doe

Verse One: B Legit E 40

I'm in the S E 4 double oh

Sitting real low stick in the flo' oh

The hoe want me to come swoop

Take her for a ride in my blue Lex Luthor (Lex Luth ah)

But the bitch ain't got no gas fetti (gas fetti)

So I burnt her like Fast Freddy (Fast Freddy)

Hit me on the first when your mail has come

And maybe we can go to the mall or somethin (to the mall or somethin)

Heavy ass shit for the mob -- for the mob

When I make a zillion I resign -- I resign

I'm realer than a hundred dollar bill with the line across

When Christmas come around ask Santa Claus

Santa do you know E-40?

Bet you that nigga say "That's my homey!"

We used to perv grind curb trip to my grandma

Kahlua with them brandy almost every day

Cardiac is cool, but I'm on gin (on gin)

Santa bought me, a new Mac-10 (yeah)

Yeah, Click shit makes a motherfucker's night

Niggaz listen to it cuz it's light

Crooked twisted unlisted on the highways

We riding sideaways, beotch!

Chorus: Mac Shon

I'm riding sideways, this way thatta way

("Back up the Coupe and roll sideways")

I'm riding sideways, this way thatta way

("Made a left at the corner cuz it was hoes")

I'm riding sideways, this way thatta way

("I'm looking for a big seat")

I'm riding sideawats, this way thatta way

("Hoes see this type of shit and go reala...")

Verse Two: B-Legit, E-40

I'm riding city to city (city to city), me and Leviti

So get your toilet paper cuz it's gon' get shitty (gon' get shitty)

I hit the highway