[Featuring The Click Levitti The Mossie]

[E 40]

I get a phone call about a neighbor

At daylight savings time six o clock at nine

Three way conversation 40 water family member cousin

Dude did you receive my car

When did you send it

Yesterday shouldve been there by now

9 4 5 9 1 Vallejo California mail box ect. 9 4 5 9 1

Damn shit what the fuck is goin on round here

Dude nem got some paper work out on you

They talkin about makin your ass disappear

Not like that, not my sa-hid-nab

They way to sharp

Guess again, you know your so-called homie

Your best friend


What I do, believe me you wouldnt wanna know

For what I did I opened up a drugstore

By all means, the scratch was the common goal

To cover team, I hooked up my fellows

Oh what it seems, some fools get some paper and trip

They stick they ass in the air just like a bitch

Now whats the definition of bitch

A punk ass bitch that sit down when he piss

(Chorus) [Levitti]

(Personal, life aint no rehearsal

Personal, this is what I jack for

Personal, life aint no rehearsal

Personal, this is why I hustle)


All this shit I gotta deal with

And every time I look around Im fonkin

When I strap on it, now theres work to do

Blood on my hand, I took a life or two

Laid em down like a hog

Bucked a nigga down at the mall

Semi-autos, macks, glock full lines

Quick to send you to the mortuary, yeah

[Suga T]

I put this on my folks, it takes nothin but a call

I jack for the beats or paper, cars, skank and all (dog)

Down for the cause, just like Im down for a dog

Damn what you heard, Its all about what you saw

Why you up in draws, cant no you cant go s