featuring A 1 Big Bonna

Bout bout bout bout bout bout bout

bout bout bout bout bout bout bout bout(2x)

[E 40]

Me and my guys be lurking the streets plottin upside down smiling

Bummin no matter Skully hoods bandannas bullets

Stocking caps Ski masks loced out murder one classes

Those who wallop hocked up chopped tatoes permanent creased

survival one jeans

Throw away his real ooze machines Chinese AK zooms, razorblades,

Jerry Curls, fingerwaves, and French braids

labeled him sinner look out for that motherfucker he might rob ya

Niggas come tatted up head in a body slang

[Big Bonna]

Well it's your nigga Big Bonna niggas be creeping up on ya

Doing for the juggler niggas trying to slug ya

Catch a nigga doing all kinds of nasty things

ohh what I feel is mayhem brings

You see us on the block we doing are thuggin, the gottie

Got the whole cap wondering who the fuck shottie

Lookin for the body, tell me what they found,

His head in Richmond the rest in the V-town


Thinking about the set up, trying to get my red up

bout my cock this tech nine and get you wet up blue

So what the fuck they want to do,

seem like we got the vas of these niggas

caught cash and thought we was through

So fuck this old bat shit, I'll get the gat bitch

and probably blow your brains out

looking to get my cap fit,

thinking they all acted up and while I'm at yo ass

I'll probably put the fucking slugs in you ass

(chorus) [E-40 and Big Bonna]

(Causing Havoc's, marking up chaos, bringing the ruckus

ghetto metal heathens, mobbing under bucks

(If you can't beat us then join us)

Get on the team street sweepers grenade