Rapper's Ball


featuring Too $hort K Ci

Where them naked hoes at?

E Feezey!

Too Scheezy!

We off the heezy fo'scheezy baby!

Off the heezy I thought you theezy!!

Niggaz ain't havin no cheesy like us main!

They ain't havin no raveez!


Haha you know us.

Where K Ceeezi at man? Tell him sing that shit.

Lace dem fools or something.


Chorus: K Ci

Say that you got it all

Love the way you players ball

Everyday you're at the mall

Tell me is it true or false

Say that you got it all

Love the way you players ball

Claimin that your mail is tall

Tell me is it true or false

Verse One: E-40, Too $hort

I put my mack hand down ain't never been asound

I was havin b-r-e-a-d way before this rap game nigga been town

Thought you theezy, for sheezy, niggaz 'member

Earl, Brat, and Denell dem boys from Vallel

At every light it's automatic, BURN RUBBER

See my folkers in the traffic, WHASSUP ERB

Follow that cab it got dope in it, uhh

My potnah $hort got hoes in it

I'm always hearin rappers big ballin on they songs

I do that shit for real and you'll never say I'm wrong

S-500 straight sittin on twenties

TV in the dash pimpin hoes gettin money

I'm Too $hort baby been down since the eighties

For the last eight years rode around in a Mercedes

Lexus, trucks, drop-Vette, Caddy

Bitches don't call me by my name they call me daddy


Verse Two: E-40, Too $hort

K-Ci $hort E-40 Fonzarelli

I'll probably never have long money like Ross Perilli

But shit we just