Hope I Don't Go Back (video Version)


[officer tapping on E 40's car window with nightstick]

[E 40] Whas happenin?

[PIGG] You need to take it inside.

[E 40] Take what inside?

[PIGG] You're disturbing the peace.

[E 40 looks the other way and goes 'Pssssh!']

[E 40 having a playalistic converstaion with Ice T]

Yeah yeah I done got too big to be hoppin over barbed wire fences


But I had this one broad

SHE was so damn sprung she use [edited]

What? Uhh, and ahh, and a VHS camera *Ice-T cracks up*

And a VHS camera

I promise you playboy

It was somethin serious, felt so damn good

*Chorus: repeat 2X*

Hope I don't go back to slangin ya-yo

Slangin llello, to get my maillll

[Ice-T talking to a cat who LOOKS like E-40

after they walked into the studio]

[cat] See a lot of people don't know

the legendary status of which I come from

[cat] Old school like Cab Calloway

[IceT] Right

[cat] Hot damn I taught him his thang he do

Verse One: E-40

Been a hustler since birth, mama sellin dubs in church

Red-handed, caught me stealin money our her purse

Got branded, permanent whip scars on my back

Cause I used to get beat, with racing car tracks

But now me got wealth, holdin a conference call on my

hands free car telephone lookin like I'm talkin to myself

Shootin the breeze cuttin it up real smooth like

choppin it up like two business men

Talkin about it, by the way B

what we doin' this week on SoundScan?

If I ain't in Japan, I'm in the Valley

Or maybe next door in Gary Payton bowling alley

Or maybe at the shootin range, me and Banks

Or on the golf course, with Merton Hanks

Or we lay in the sun, give me my propers

with a beat that