Oooh oooh

Flashin' *belches*


I'm goin off that Boyd Dawg through Purina Chow Chow

Pow Pow hot lead on a nigga head

Chest out never understood grew up in the hood

Never knew right from wrong

Get to dumpin on a nigga for nothin for no reason

Mannish little knucklehead hardhead heathen

Meanin give a fuck about life I seen my momma

stab my daddy in the stomach with a knife

when I was three years old, finally figured it out

That's why a nigga sold coke, clientele and clout

Without a motherfuckin doubt, take a nigga out

for trying to go between my motherfuckin paper route

Wet his ass up, that nigga see and go

Fully automatic convertible I'm a wipeaway arsonist

fire extingusher, if you ain't spittin heat then motherfucker

you betta damn sure be workin for me or else you're fucked

Either that, I get your jaw wired up, pathological liar

Dope game got me like this, fertify high

Smokin more bomb than Cheech and Chong, I'm SAYIN

Hit up Denny's resteraunt and order a gang of food

Run up out of that prejudiced fuck-ass motherfucker

without even havin any n kind of intention on even payin

Damn near flashin, that's what the fuck I'm doin

and I'm blastin up in this motherfucker

I got my motherfuckin heater out and I'm sayin fuck the world

I'm pissin on everything, fuck it, nigga I'm flashin

I'm actin bad

I got all kind of marbles on the motherfuckin table

and I'm tellin a motherfucker you touch my shit and I'm flashin

Understand my shit, the situation is way damn real

Motherfucker I'm drunk off the shit

and I'm breakin bottles on the pavement, I'm flashin

Nigga I'm out there bad I'm poppin in the air for nothin

Nigga for no ap