Doin' Dirt Bad


[Featuring B Legit]

*(B Legit)*

Mobb shit biatch.

*(E 40)*

Biatch!! Biatch!!

*(B Legit)*

This shit ain't went no where. (Trademark.)

You understand me?? (Uh!)

It's like when a mutha fucka do his dirt it don't be no ordinary


you understand me?? A nigga do dirt bad. Check it out.

Verse 1 *(E 40)*

I took a I took a

whole thang of ice cream

a kilogram of birdie a unit

put the wammy on it, stepped on it, wit out ruinin it, or abusin it,

like a mutha fucka would supposed to when there's a shortage on

sumpthin, (on sumpthin),

that way I could get em off like hot cakes,

an you know there's plenty more where that comes from,

you see I know this one storage place that this one particular


sneekin an keepin his job-ah,

for you tardy unaware troopers now hoppin in the game true an ass


biatch!! biatch!!

got it means power,

yola, yola, ice cream candy,

man that shit be comin in handy,

but anyway,

dude hella bootsy an he was juss askin to get robbed,

that's why me an my side went ahead an pulled one of them 'ol inside


on his 'ol, move the show room, show me more Willie Fu-Fu put the red


his, put two on the ten, all protected an tryin to impress a bitch,

don't you know I'm all off pullin licks on busta brown ass zarks like


scopin an casin 2-11's an holdin pacience.

Verse 2 *(B-Legit)*

I huddle wit the dogs up on defense day,

Lieutenants get the kicks, backwoods of the Yay,

soldiers leave the place, so the cream I keep,

six or seven g's everytime I beep,

hit the streets fo the game,

plot fo the bank,