Dey Ain't No


Zapp IV beneath the ashtray woofers in the back

Water in the duals make loud glass pack

Gold tippytoes without a liquor crown

Bought a set of vogues and left the stickers on

Seven grand worth a buck for the trunks

Paid cash all ones

Some old bitch came up to me and said "What's the latest bro?"

I said "I'm tryin to have more chips than Las Vegas hoe"

She said "Can I roll with you? I get the dicks hard"

I said, "You can work the strips and on my boulevard"

"How much would I make?" I said, "Mega

Just bring me back my scrill scratch paper"

Heart heart money money street street hustle

Sex, drugs, smuggle, bubble

Horns, dialin, speakers, subbin

Sound just like the inside of a club-bin

How many times could a Conrad come so buttery?

Always on to' back have people lovin me

Alcoholic drunk that ain't no gimmick B

I'm always in and out the Betty Ford clinic see

Drunk paraphenalia cream butterscotch

Illegal like a garbage of hover rocks

Workin off my pager you know the ropes I'm makin that

cabbage cornbread like Oprah

Diamond satch-uels from ja-fuckin-hoe

Pose just like a pimp smokin a honey blunt

In a Major Way I tried to told ya

Niggaz have my shit fucked back in the days but now they know a

Sold a bunch of units underground

They was bumpin Save a Hoe in every town

Rumor has it that I died I got smoked main

But I'm alive, they was talkin about somebody else main


We say dem niggaz P.H.

But dey really ain't knowin, dey ain't no

Me rather stack more papes

And steady get to bubblin, yeah fo' sho'

Revenues, on my mind

I can't hold back, now's the time