Who Am I

Do Or Die

[Featuring Scarface]

(Chorus x 2)

Who am I? Scar mother fucking face

Who am I? A to the mother fucking K

Who am I? Belo mother fucking Zero

Who am I? Niggas Ain't Ready to Die


Who the fuck am I?

A born killer with no conscience

Leaving niggas with holes in their heads unconscience

No second chances

Cos in this game no one advances

You made your move and fucked up now the devil dances

No scrilla for this just murderers with blocks

To run up on their dick and hit em and get em hot

With a 357 slug pointed at your nose

Left a bloody mess and a note stuck between your toes

You fuck with me nigga you're fucking with the warrior

Anybody destroying you're packing the sig sauer

Putting niggas off in body bags cos in this game you take no prisoners

Leave it in blood Hare Krishna

Nobody's breathing niggas stuck on getting even

You die this evening insanity gon be my reason

I trail niggas fill niggas and kill niggas

I introduce the ways that are wicked to real niggas

(Chorus x 2)


Who ever epitomise

And idolise my murderous skills

With this vivid imagination and slugs that kill

Off in the zone unorthodox with the world on blocks

It's unexplainable how I got these bitch niggas locked

Keep my eyes on my safe and keep this murderous flavour

Since I picked up a strap I've had this murderous behaviour

Spread the whole clip around and get the fuck outta Dodge

I got a ride full of straps in my homies backyard

It's too cold to proceed without a block to start

Watch a gat blows him apart as the bullets depart

Now who the fuck am I? Is the question you ask

Can't be touched or fucked with is all you need to know

It's 199