All In The Club

Do Or Die

[Featuring Danny Boy]

It's about 1:51 in the club

It's straight packin'

You lackin'

I'm all up in the club gettin' action

With a ugh full of hoes

I'm smellin' like a sack and

You got (??) with your hips and thighs

Make a pimp reach his peak

With your hips and eyes

Girl you know what you do to me

Explain a monkey

Cause' you actin' like you twenty three

Pass the hennessy

Ballin' like you true to sin

Now we all in the clubs that you be in

Like BBD

Do me in

If that's the case

Doin' head and slang off in my face

And pump that ass

This club track freek to the bass

Hold it down till' we drop it

Roll it, give it what you got, ugh

Robbin' on my body baby till' you hit the spot, huh

Dippin' big names baby roll it till' it get a wash

Chorus x1 (Danny Boy)

In this baby (In this baby)

Why you wanna rub on me (Why you wanna rub on me)

You lookin' at my Rolex

Touchin' on my diamond ring

You all at the club girl (Club girl)

Shine up on a monkey on me (Puttin' them monkey on me)

Don't try to get personal

Why you want to hate on me...

Why you want to hate on me


See some hinney flip a penny

Why you faking the funk

Heads or Tails

Anyway though you got bass in your trunk

All the playas up on the side

Come and smoke with me

He live when he step rep with Kenny's

Come and choke with me

From poor man

To rich man

Rich man back to poor man

All of us can party

Livin' in this low land

Ain't no favortism on this side of town