Ultimate Shutdown

Do Or Die

Verse One:

This be those Zero mutherfuckers and I'm full of that liquor

Man fuck your team fo' they don't make paper

Better roll much quicker

Niggas think I'm token

Cus I'm not workin

And he ain't gonna setup shop

If I die tonight then I pay the price

But he ain't gonna take my block

Mutherfuck them down

Just give 'em them pack

They'll keep on comin

If a nig try to clown

Then I swear on mom

Better keep on runnin

Ya call yo' man

I'ma call me man

Then see what an eye fo' an eye fo'

Kill one I'ma kill ten

And thier whole damn mob

Prepare to die fo'

Keep one in the hole

Better get your jack

Cus I'm real when I roll

When I'm up in a bowl

Woulda hit him in the dark

And in the light

I still wont miss

With a gat an ???

Muthafucker I'm a go-getter

Hit a nigga in the spot

And that's so bitter

If a nigga ain't a man

He'll fo' fitter

All them eyes on yours

So you know strillah

To a po' killa

Think I'm doped gettin hype

Trippin fiend bout to explode

Dressed up black clothes

An layin them hoes

Tight when the bus gonna get low

Cus ??

Let's work from the fo' fo'

Blew the mutherfuckin' head

Like a mojo

She smelled like ho-bo

Shes scattin' dirt

Gettin work for the po-po

Shut em down


Go on nigga nigga do 211

Game mak-make 'em do 187

Shut that bitch down

Shut that bitch down

Were dat ni